Chopin Piano Circle Workshop


We made it at last. After a lot of discussion and preparation, David Jones from the RNCM ran our first composer led event in June.

Choosing Chopin was easy. That most universally loved keyboard composer provided ample scope for members to select pieces of varying length and technical difficulty.

Previous workshops have always been totally open in terms of material played. They have been marvellous events, but we have all felt the challenges sometimes of working from, say, Bach to Medtner to Debussy! This time we had a focus. It was fascinating to extract those features of Chopin’s textures in the Mazurkas, Waltzes, Nocturnes and Etudes. David skilfully helped us to realise those features whether in more simple pieces like the Waltz in A flat or more challenging in the Nocturne in F sharp.

Will we do it again? Perhaps, particularly as we think of the important Beethoven anniversary next year. Members will decide!

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